December, 16th

Dicembre-16 (1)
It only seems yesterday I was trying to put together my first pieces of this project and now I have reached 350 designs.
I have drawn everyday until now this year, I have drawn when I was back at home at 5am, I have drawn when I was on holiday, when I was sick, and when I actually didn’t want to.
I admit I am not 100% satisfied with all of my pieces, but that was not the point of my whole project. The point of my project was to find inspiration, and if I managed to have an idea a day everyday so far, I surely am content with myself.
And it turned out my favorite designs are different from my readers’.
I have built so much and I just hope I will be able not to throw away all that I have done so far.
Thank you for all the support you have shown me so far. It means much more than I will ever be able to tell.

See you tomorrow everyone.

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