August, 24th

Sometimes, when things don’t go for the best, I try to imagine how it would be to live a different life. Not because I am not content with what I have, but just because there are so many things I would like to do and I wonder if there will ever be a time for me to do everything I would like to. 

For example, I have a plan B. If something goes wrong with my design work I would like to open a brewery and make my own beer. Not many people know it, but this is something I think about now and then. And I have always thought that Tuscany would be the perfect place for this project. Growing hops in the old family vineyard, tasting beer during summer nights, designing my own labels, the first bottles sold to local shops…that would be real fun. 

But for the moment I just keep drawing and I guess I will think about it again in a few years. What about you? Do you have a plan B? 

Hope you will enjoy my pattern for today and I will see you tomorrow!

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